My name is leo wells and I initially set up Envirowell as a pest control company. The name Envirowell was thought of as i wanted to offer an environmentally friendly pest control service and then the surname of myself was then introduced into environmental to create Envirowell. I decided to start up Envirowell because I felt and still do believe that I could provide a service to Residential and commercial customers at a rate that doesn’t cost the world. I have years of experience in almost every area of the pest control industry and believe I can deliver the same service of any good pest control company at a better price.

I am passionate about the environment that we live in and Envirowell do every possible action to prevent any secondary poisonings and will not use insecticides where ever possible, Because we are passionate about the environment we have taken a massive interest in Honey bees. i currently have two bee hives both of which were bees relocated from voids in buildings. We do all we canto save our number one pollinators.

As a company i like to pride our selves in being friendly, reliable and quick to respond to all customers new or existing. I hope you give us the chance to prove this to you.

Providing you with solutions that last!!

So if you have spotted any signs of a pest in your property.

Call us now  so we can quickly get you pest free.