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Envirowell Mouse Control East Grinstead is your local specialist with a mission to provide lasting and effective professional pest control services in and around the Surrey area for all of our customers.

We offer a comprehensive pest control service to domestic, commercial and agricultural customers across the South East of England with the aim of improving the quality of life of our clients, the surrounding community and the local environment.

Effective mouse pest control is vitally important to ensure that mice are kept away from food storage and preparation areas. Because mice can procreate at an absolutely frightening rate (a pair of mice has the ability to produce as many as eight litters each of 16 young per year) the immediate implementation of effective and lasting mouse pest control measures must be taken.

If you are running a business, you also have a legal obligation to ensure that your business and property has taken effective pest control measures.

Characteristics of Mice

Mice are exceptional climbers and have the ability to squeeze through extremely small gaps. Because of this ability, a thorough inspection of your property by one of our team of pest control technicians is required to ensure that any vulnerable areas are blocked off at the earliest opportunity.

Mice have a compulsive need to gnaw on objects that are derived from the fact that they need to keep their teeth worn down to a constant length, to achieve this they will nibble on anything that they can find. This trait has ensured that mice have developed a well-earned reputation for damaging all manner of objects including water and gas pipes, electric cables, packaging and food products. This has the potential to be disastrous as many instances of electrical fires and floods have been attributed to them.


As well as the damage and potential contamination of goods by mice, they are also known to spread serious infections such as Salmonella, Hantavirus and Weil’s disease.

Signs of Mouse Activity

Mice are nocturnal creatures, so although you may not see any activity during the day, it does not, unfortunately, mean that they are not there. There are several telltale signs which may alert you to the presence of mice within your building.

These can include:

  • Droppings (thin, spindle-shaped approx. 5mm long).
  • Damaged stock and damage to the fabric of premises.
  • Unusual Smell – Mice leave an ammonia-like smell that will be particularly strong in an enclosed area.
  • Nesting materials, such as paper, cardboard etc

One of the most effective ways of noticing mice at night is to listen for their scurrying around.

Humane Removal Methods

Wherever possible, our mouse pest control technicians will employ the most humane methods at their disposal to remove mice from your property and ensure that they do not quickly return.

At the first signs of mice related issues, it is important to contact the experts who will implement mouse pest control measures immediately.

Commitment To Excellence

We have established an extensive portfolio of clients and our company has been founded on a simple philosophy of providing a professional, first-class service at competitive rates. We offer a commitment to establishing effective and long-lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Our team possesses many years of experience within the industry and have access to the very latest techniques and equipment. This enables us to provide fast, effective treatment combined with a high commitment to customer satisfaction. Effective communication, both written and verbal, is integral to our quality service. 

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To ensure that we provide the correct and longest-lasting solution to your problem, our expert team of pest control technicians will complete a full and thorough survey of your property and the affected area to allow us to fully identify the root cause of the problem.

Once this has been completed we will be ideally positioned to provide you with a detailed plan of how we can eradicate your pest control problem along with a breakdown of the costs that are likely to be incurred. This service is totally free with no obligation and we do not employ pushy salesman.

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As prevention is often better than a cure, we aim to solve your pest control issue and prevent it from re-occurring. To do this our technicians need to have the right products and tools, so we make sure each service van is fully equipped. All our vans carry proofing materials as standard, allowing us to quickly and efficiently treat the majority of issues immediately.

As part of our service, we may also advise you to do a few actions to reduce future pest problems. These may include cleaning up food sources or areas that are inviting to pests such as removing debris, fixing plumbing leaks, or repairing structures.

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Further Information

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