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Envirowell is a professional pigeon control Crawley company that covers Edenbridge and all areas of the South East, including London. From pest prevention techniques to bird proofing and rodent and insect solutions, Envirowell Pest Control offers a complete range of pest control management services throughout Edenbridge & the South East.

We have worked tirelessly to establish a reputation for delivering a range of effective pest control services renowned for producing lasting results with the aim of creating trusting working relationships and acquiring an in-depth knowledge of your site and situation.

Our staff are friendly, professional and passionate about pest control ensuring that they will always go that extra mile to provide you with the most appropriate service for your needs. 

To obtain the best possible results, both our commercial and residential pest control treatments are tailored around the individual needs of our clients’ individual needs and requirements as every project site offers its own unique challenges.

Efficient & Lasting Results

Birds especially Feral pigeons can cause a large amount of damage and hygiene issues for homeowners or other property owners. Pigeons take advantage of any ledge, balcony railings and the ever more common solar panels. There are many types of prevention or control methods used to deal with pigeons which are site-specific. Envirowell can supply many forms of prevention and control methods to suit you and your property. All methods available after for solutions that last.

Damage birds cause

Residential and commercial are particularly vulnerable to the problems associated with pest birds, their nests and their droppings. These are some described by the International Association of Home Inspectors:

  • Noise:  Many species of birds produce an incessant and irritating noise when they gather in sizeable numbers.
  • Roof damage:  Starling, pigeon and sparrow nests are often built-in rain gutters, drains and the underside of roof corners that can lead to great damage, even collapsed roofs, when drainage systems are blocked and standing water is forced to rise.
  • Blocked ventilation systems:  Bird nests built in chimneys and ventilation systems can not only spread diseases through the system, which can block airflow to the building.
  • Fires:  Nests are typically flammable and therefore pose a fire hazard due to their construction of twigs, straw and dried droppings.
  • Droppings:  Droppings account for some of the most visible and serious problems associated with pest birds including dangerous and even fatal diseases to humans and animals; damage to building materials like wood, steel and iron; eat into roof material and eventually cause leaks; damage to air-conditioning equipment and industrial machinery while also risking human and animal life; wreak havoc on daily living and commercial operations; lead to negative image as people will question the cleanliness of a property with bird droppings running down the outsides; and slips and falls as bird droppings are slippery when fresh, which could cause people to slip.

Commercial property and businesses who fail to prevent bird infestation may be prone to huge legal liabilities.

Bird Control service

Control and prevention methods for other bird species such as jackdaws, magpies, crows and other members of the corvid family. Farms and other food processors can have a large impact from corvids from egg-stealing to feeding on newly planted seeds. All forms of control and prevention can be supplied by Envirowell.

So if you have spotted any signs of a pest in your property.

Call us now so we can quickly get you pest free.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Here at Envirowell Pest Control, we are totally committed to offering our customers a fully accountable, comprehensive pest control service ranging from treatment for residential properties, to integrated pest management programs, to services designed for small retail units, to Blue Chip companies.Pigeon Control Edenbridge

The effects of a pest infestation for a business can be disastrous due to the associated issues, including the potential closure of premises, damage to reputation & legal ramifications due to failure to comply with pest control legislation.

Regardless of the size of your business, we offer the same high quality of specialist pest control work through to complete pest management solutions or tailored packages to meet your specific requirements. By managing your health and safety risks for you, we leave you free to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that pest-related problems will not affect your commercial operations.

Residential Pest Control Services

Are you tired of sharing your home with unwanted guests? We have completed many successful projects for homeowners, local authorities, housing associations and letting agents in and around the Whyteleafe area and class ourselves as residential pest control specialists.

We have pest control technicians and surveyors located throughout Crowhurst and the South East so we are ready to deal with your problem. Unlike many large companies, we believe you deserve a friendly, personal service so you are not just a number to us! When you call Envirowell Pest Control, you’ll speak to someone straight away who has the knowledge to help you and give you honest, genuine advice.

Our pest & bird control treatments are so competitively priced that trying to sort your own problems just isn’t worth it anymore. We offer a free survey to all of our customers to ensure that we can ascertain the extent of the problem before pricing up the task in hand.

Pests We Control

We can control all forms of pest and the list is extensive but to give our clients an idea of the pests we control, please see the list below:

bed bug control, bee control, bird control, black fly control, carpet beetle control, carrot fly control, clothes moths control, cluster flies control, cluster fly control, cockroach control, flea control, flies control, fly control, fruit flies control, gull control, house fly control, mole control, mouse control, pharaoh ants control, pigeon control, rabbit control, rat control, rodent control, spider control, squirrel control, starlings control, vermin control, wasp control, woodworm control plus many more…

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