Honey bees are extremely beneficial for our environment. Here at Envirowell we are passionate about bees and take every step to save our bees. We relocate bees from buildings and structures and then ensuring that they will not return to the same voids.

Damage bees cause

There are many reasons for removing honey bees from commercial and residential properties. These are some of the main reasons.

  • Honey bees build honeycomb in the voids and each capsule will be filled with honey or eggs/larvae, this can amount to many kilos putting a strain on a single area of the building/structure such as walls, roofs and chimneys.
  • Honey can leach from the comb and then cause patches on walls/ceilings where the bees are.
  • The comb that has been built can be a perfect source for wax moth which in turn can cause larvae of the moths to encroach into living spaces.
  • The bees can become confused if they can see light coming from the living areas of the house which will lead several bees out into living areas.
  • Honey bees sting are painful and can be especially dangerous for people who are allergic to their stings.

Bees removal service

The removal of honey bees can be a complicated process. It all begins with a survey then a complete plan of action can be put together. Our plan of action will include the access if needed to be able to reach the bees, make sure that the building occupants and the public are safe during the removal plus any other site dependent issues. Once the removal has taken place the bees are relocated into hives to be looked after. the voids in which the bees were present are then sealed so no more bees can reach this area. The work carried out is then guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years.

So if you have spotted any signs of a pest in your property.

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