Woodworm is a collective name for several types of wood boring beetle. As well as noticing small boring holes in timbers the beetles may also be seen around brighter places in the property. The larvae of the beetles are what actually causes the damage in timbers.

Envirowell has years of experience in identifying and resolving woodworm issues. It is extremely important to Identify the cause of the problem as the timbers have to be in the right conditions for them to be inhabited. this could be as simple as a damp patch providing moisture to the timbers. We find the issue and resolve it.

Damage woodworms cause

Wise Property care warns that common Furniture Beetle’s tunnels can be relatively short-lived but extensive that can lead to the loss of structural integrity of parts of the timber over time. Whereas the House Longhorn beetle’s damage on timber can be very severe, especially in sapwood. Over a period of time, the House Longhorn can cause the structural collapse for example of roof timbers. Such structural damage often leads to costly repairs for homeowners.

Woodworm control service

How do you go about resolving the issue?

It starts with an experienced technician coming to survey your property of the problematic area and then we also survey other timbers present in the property as with the right conditions woodworm can spread quickly and easily. We will then carry out the correct treatment and for effective control there are several methods which can be applied including gel, injection and spraying. All treatments carried out are also bat friendly.

After treatment has finished we then guarantee our treatments for a minimum of 15 years.

So if you have spotted any signs of a pest in your property.

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