Deer can cause huge devastation to flower beds, crops, woodland and have been more increasingly involved in road traffic accidents in the South East. They can be a severe risk that causes hundreds of millions of pounds in damage every year to landscaping and gardens.

Damage deers cause

Wireless Deer Fence explain that deers pose a big risk to people and property as a result of the damage, injuries and fatalities caused by automobile collisions with deer. Deer can carry several diseases that are harmful to humans and animals, including tuberculosis, and lyme disease, one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in pets in the UK today.

Deer often will attack humans and other animals causing serious injury with their antlers and also by striking forward with their front feet with sharp hooves.

Grazing by deer can permanently damage gardens, farms and other ecosystems, affecting the undergrowth and eliminating plants and trees.

Deer control services

We can provide deer fencing solutions in many circumstances which we guarantee for a minimum of 5 years, but firstly we provide free surveys to maximise our effectiveness of prevention. Envirowell also has a certified technician who is trained to DSC level 2 which ensures that we can provide humane population management where prevention methods are unable to be used.

So if you have spotted any signs of a pest in your property.

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