The non-native grey squirrel is a highly adaptable species that can reproduce at exceptionally fast rates; a female squirrel can produce up to 2 litters a year one in early spring and another in mid-summer. Their habitats are predominately mature broadleaf woodland however, they will take up residence in parks and commonly roof spaces in our homes.

Squirrels can cause a mass of destruction when in our homes so why do squirrels come into our houses? There can be several factors as to why they choose to nest in our homes, however, the main reason is that our roof spaces provide an excellent nesting material: insulation.

When in confined spaces and defending their young, squirrels can become aggressive if cornered.

Dangers posed by grey squirrels

Grey squirrels can cause to native wildlife after trees and plants.They typically strip the bark and can even kill the trees as well as eating bulbs and seeds in large quantities, destroying gardens in the process.

The Telegraph reports that grey squirrels are also a danger to UK’s far smaller native red squirrels. They not only drive out red squirrels through competition but by spreading a squirrel pox that they are immune to but which wipes out the red squirrel population.grey squirrels have an adverse impact on many native woodland birds, reducing fledging rates by an average of 15%.

Grey squirrels have an adverse impact on many birds, eating their eggs and chicks, reducing fledging rates by an average of 15%.

Grey squirrel control service

It is best left to a professional to eradicate the grey squirrel problem.

The treatment process is based on a three visit program:

  1. Intial visit is where the correct treatment process is evaluated. Whilst on site, the entry points of the squirrels is found and then a complete plan of prevention is sequenced.
  2. Second visit, depending on the treatment used all methods of prevention that were utilized are thoroughly checked until it is ensured the treatment is working effectively. Further prevention works are carried out if agreed in order to stop future squirrels returning.
  3. Third/ final visit, all areas are checked to ensure the treatment has completed the task at hand and the property is now squirrel free and prevention methods to stop squirrels returning are all thoroughly checked.

So if you have spotted any signs of a pest in your property Call us now  so we can quickly get you pest-free.